Writing Submissions

We call our authors “storytellers”¬†because at the heart of every great book is a great story. If you think you’ve written a great story, we want to hear about it! In an effort to be respectful of our time and yours, your submission needs to meet at least three of the four criteria below.

  • Be part of the fantasy, science fiction, or horror genre (we do not publish romance of any kind, even within these genres)
  • Be between 30,000 and 60,000 words
  • Be completely finished
  • Be the first of a series or a stand-alone book

If your work meets three of the four criteria above, please format your query letter according to the bullet points below and email it to storytellers@tnmpublishing.com with the subject line, “Storyteller Submission.”

  • In the header, include your name, the phrase “published as” followed by the name you’d like to have appear on your book covers, the title of the project, the genre of the project, and the word count of the project. This should appear as one line across the top of the page, do not hit enter after each item. This creates an obnoxiously large header.
  • In your first paragraph, tell us about any previously published works or dealings with publishers you may have had. If we are the first publisher you’ve attempted to publish with, that’s okay. We were all noobs once. Please limit this information to a single paragraph.
  • In your second paragraph, tell us what your story is about. You can be as detailed or vague as you feel is necessary but please limit this information to a single paragraph.
  • In your third paragraph, tell us your vision for the story or project. Is it a stand-alone¬†book or a series? Do you have non-book things that you envision going along with the story or project? This is the place to let us know. Again, please limit this information to a single paragraph.
  • In your fourth paragraph, please tell us any other publishers to whom you’ve submitted the work. If we are the only publisher to whom you are submitting a query, you may simply state that. We won’t hold a one-sentence paragraph against you.
  • In your final paragraph, tell us what, if anything, you’ve done to build excitement about your story.
  • Save the file in PDF format with the title of the file formatted to read “last name – story name.”

If your work is in any of the following sub-genres, please include the genre after the words “Storyteller Submission” in your subject line.

  • Cyberpunk
  • Steampunk
  • Non-medieval fantasy
  • Superhero

If you have done everything correctly, your query letter should contain five paragraphs. We place properly formatted queries on the top of our pile and improperly formatted queries on the bottom. This means if you submitted an improperly formatted query three weeks ago and another author submits a properly formatted query today, theirs will likely be read before yours. That being said, TNM strives to reply to each query we receive within six weeks of receipt. If you have submitted a query to us and we have not replied within this time frame, please contact us to verify receipt. We respond quickest through social media.