Ages ago, I got the opportunity to meet who were then my two favorite authors. I asked them how they were able to create a fantasy world that felt as real as theirs. Their advice has always stuck with me through all of my writing endeavors: know your world.

It sounds like a really simple thing. You created it, of course you know it. It’s not though. As they explained, before you can write a single word about your world you need to know it’s history, it’s cultures, all the subtle things that we take for granted in the “real world” are things that you have to know about in your fictional world. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing fantasy, science fiction, modern fiction, young adult or anything else. You have to know not just how your characters will react to the world but how that world will react to the characters. You need to understand the science behind the world. It’s so easy as an author to become so attached to the character in the world that it seems they are the world. That simply isn’t the case.

Right now, no matter how important you are to yourself, your circle of friends, your job, your family, even your country, there is someone across the globe, maybe not so far away, that has no clue who you are but is going through a story that is as monumental to them as you are to yours. That was my goal when I created TNM Publishing, LLC. I didn’t want to publish a series of books about a character, I wanted to publish a world full of characters, each with their own rich and unique stories that stand out individually but tell a much greater story when combined together.

I decided to start a blog to chronicle TNM’s challenges, struggles and hopefully triumphs and who knows, maybe one day these blabberings will help someone who’s seeking to do something similar.

May your sunsets be many and your battles be few;
Timothy Morris

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