The Epic of Will

What Would You Do with a Will Strong Enough to Challenge Fate?

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Suppose you were born with willpower so strong that it could challenge Fate itself? How would you use it? Would you shape the world in your image or would you sue your gift to prevent anyone else from shaping it in theirs?

The Epic of Will is an epic fantasy novella that tells the story of Merkit Xi. Merkit is born with a special gift, the ability to manipulate reality through his will alone. While he often chooses to pass this off as magic, it is willpower alone.

Merkit’s journey is different than that of most heroes. With so much power, so early in his life, he doesn’t find himself searching for ways to get stronger. Merkit seeks to temper his wisdom so that he knows when to act, and how.

Ordering Information

Title Status: Active
Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy
Title Availability: Paperback, Hardcover, Digital
Distributor: Ingram for print and digital.
ISBN-13, Paperback: 978-0-9896963-2-6
ISBN-13, Hardcover: 978-1-945059-11-7
ISBN-13, Digital: 978-0-9896963-3-3

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