Dear Author,

First things first, we’re incredibly flattered by the trust you’re willing to place in us to take your intellectual property and make it available to the masses. Hopefully, that means you’ve read our work, talked to us at a convention, or just done some basic homework on who we are and with all of that information in hand you’ve decided we’re the best place for you. Again, thanks for that level of trust, it really does mean a lot to us. There are a few things we want to cover before you submit your work to us.

We call our authors “storytellers” because at the heart of every great book is a great story. We cover the cost of getting your work in print, a set amount of marketing costs, and help book promotional things like conventions. As we’re a small, independent publisher, we typically cannot offer advances that the big guys can offer. We’d love to, we just can’t.

Additionally, we aren’t looking for the next of anything. We’re looking for the first of something. If your work in progress can excite us, hook us, make us yearn to turn the next page; that’s what we want. We want the plots that are uncommon for the genres they are in. While we accept that the bard told us all there is nothing new under the sun; we want that unique presentation that makes something old seem new.

To submit your work for review and request a submission agreement, email a 1,000 word summary of your story as a PDF attachment to In the body of the work, please tell us a little about yourself, including your expectations from a publishing company.

So, thanks again for believing in TNM Publishing, LLC. If you still think we’re for you then send us an email and we’ll reply within 3 weeks of the receipt.


TNM Publishing, LLC
Read Outside the Box

P.S. If you have a really good cyberpunk novel you’d like to pitch, you can skip the slush pile and by putting “Cyberpunk” in your subject line.