Stanza Two: The Path to Valiance

Raised by the Greatest Warrior Family in Evertell, Bayan Must Find His Place in Evertell

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The Ballad of Bayan Stormhammer is a novella series from author Timothy Morris. The Ballad tells the story of the first fable of Evertell/Vosteros; the first character to reach such a high level of fame that few believe he really existed.

Stanza Two: The Path to Valiance, is Bayan’s coming of age story. During a ceremony that has been a tradition in the Seriya family for as long as its members can remember, Bayan is shown a startling glimpse of his future.

In an attempt to prepare himself for the events to come, Bayan decides to follow in the footsteps of his surrogate parents and join Evertell’s most elite warriors, the Subarii. During his training, Bayan learns startling things about the history of the Seriya family and just how strong he really is.

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Title Status: Active
Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Low Fantasy
Title Availability: Paperback, Digital
Distributor: Ingram for print and digital
ISBN-13, Paperback: 978-0-9896963-7-1
ISBN-13, Digital: 978-0-9896963-6-4

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