Stanza Four: Vengeance and Valiance

While Bayan Mourns, Z’Kara Strikes

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Cassandra Seriya, one of the founding warriors of the Subarii, is dead. Those who were closest to her try to mourn, but they all understand there is still work to be done. Bayan walks away from his chances of ascending the ranks of the Subarii in order to hunt those who have betrayed the Code, but will the Stormhammer be able to adhere to the rules of the order he chose to serve once he is face to face with the one who betrayed them?

While Bayan continues to serve the Subarii in an unofficial capacity, Z’Kara Seriya sets out to find the one directly responsible for her sister’s death. As she unravels the mysteries behind how the Loorians were able to become powerful enough to accomplish the task her rage begins to grow and the Great Arcane promises that Ashir Darklaw will meet a fate worse than death.

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Title Status: Active
Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Low Fantasy
Title Availability: Paperback, Digital
Distributor: Ingram for print and digital
ISBN-13, Paperback: 978-1-945059-25-4
ISBN-13, Digital: 978-1-945059-24-7

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