About Us

TNM Publishing was founded in 2012 with a mission to publish well-developed worlds of fiction. Our name, “The New Magrathea” is a representation of that mission. Whether it is in fantasy, science fiction, or horror, we look for that unique presentation that hasn’t been done.

In 2017, TNM decided to put its focus in the unserviced niche of novella publishing. It is our belief that the novella is the perfect length for genre-fiction as it is long enough to develop a great story but short enough that even the busiest person can make time to keep reading a part of their everyday life. While TNM books aren’t likely to be the longest books you’ve ever read, it is our hope that our dedication the quality of the stories we publish will help make them among the best.

Whatever your genre of choice, we have something for you. If you’re ready to #ReadOutsidetheBox then give our titles a look. You can use the navigation above to browse titles by genre and then by book or series.