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  • Vosteros – An ever-expanding epic fantasy world from the mind of Timothy Morris
    • The Ballad of Bayan Stormhammer – The legend of the Stormhammer is one of Evertell’s oldest tales. It goes back to before the first Cataclysm and stretches past the Collision of Worlds. It is a legend that started among the Subarii, Evertell’s most proud clan of warriors and becomes a fable known by all.
      • Stanza IV: Vengeance and Valiance (2018)
        • Cassandra Seriya, one of the founding warriors of the Subarii, is dead. Those who were closest to her try to mourn, but they all understand there is still work to be done. Bayan walks away from his chances of ascending the ranks of the Subarii in order to hunt those who have betrayed the Code, but will the Stormhammer be able to adhere to the rules of the order he chose to serve once he is face to face with the one who betrayed them?
      • First of the Free: The First Refrain (2016)
        • First of the Free compiles the first three stanzas of The Ballad of Bayan Stormhammer in hardcover format.
      • Stanza Three: The First Code (2016)
        • Finally one of the Subarii, Bayan Stormhammer embarks on his first mission as part of the Valiant Kingdom. His quest is to find a cure for a plague ravaging the most innovative of the realm’s races, but the truth he uncovers may just tear his world apart.
      • Stanza Two: The Path to Valiance (2016)
        • The Gyvuu have been liberated and their leader brutally murdered before them, but they still have hope in the form of Bayan Stormhammer, First of the Free. Under the guidance of the Seriya family, Bayan grows strong and capable. As he journeys toward his destiny, however, he discovers secrets that his caretakers would prefer remain secret.
      • Stanza One: The Storm of Hammers (2015)
        • The legend begins with the introductory novella, Stanza One: The Storm of Hammers. This short, but action-filled, first installment of the series tells the story of the liberation of the Gyvuu people from the clutches of Looria. Bayan’s father, Olyn, with the help of a famous female warrior named Cassandra Seriya, prepare to fight to the death to set Olyn’s people free and in the conflict that followed the first freeborn of the Gyvuu is born.
    • The Collision of Worlds – Four icons from three separate worlds witness the dramatic upheaval of all they once knew. When the Trinity of Worlds is merged into a single land called Vosteros, how will the different cultures that used to inhabit each world find a way to coexist?
      • The Collision of Worlds (forthcoming)
        • After arriving in Evertell with a sense of urgency he’s never felt before, Faebus Thye must prepare his new home for the wrath of Vosteros, himself. The Traveler must go deep into the most frightening areas of Evertell in an effort to save it and as a final battle begins in a land that never sees light, it’s up to Faebus to have a bright idea that saves the races of all three realms.
      • Awebringer (2017)
        • Since an early age, Mordicai knew that it was his destiny to grow strong and protect his people. Upon entering the Circle of Fei, the one who would become known as the Awebringer ascended its ranks quickly. Tirelessly, he trained and honed his skill so that no matter what the threat was, he would be there to stand in its way. In his final moments, the Awebringer reflects back on his life. These are those thoughts.
      • The Epic of Will (2015)
        • Suppose you were born with a will so strong that it could challenge fate itself. How would you use it? Would you shape the world in your image or would you use your gift to make sure no one else could shape it in theirs? The Epic of Will is the story of the Harbinger of Will and the part he plays in an event known in Vosteros’ history as “The Collision of Worlds.”
      • Trinity of Worlds (2013)
        • When the greatest warlord in known history died in an arena battle, all of the memories possessed by his body condensed  into a small, blood-red coin known as a “Coin of Memory.” When his son uses that coin to better know his father, the epic journey of Tavoritti Sun unfolds. He crosses the known realms in search of one who is his equal in combat. His journey takes him toe-to-toe with even the One God himself. When Tavoritti finally returns home, he realizes that everything has changed, including himself.

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Science Fiction

  • The New Ezra Files (2017)
    • On the surface, New Ezra is the perfect city. There is virtually no crime to be spoken of and the most violent thing regulator Aryeh Katz has ever dealt with is a minor altercation. Aryeh became a regulator because of the stories of heroic “cops” in fictional cities like “New York” and “Los Angeles” but his work as a regulator isn’t anywhere near as exciting as the stories Aryeh’s grandfather used to tell about the “old cities.” That all changes the first time Aryeh Katz sees a dead body.
  • The Track Walker Chronicles – An anti-hero origin story by Huxley Adams
    • The First Collection: The Early Years (2016)
      • These are the chronicles of Amon Andrews. Of course, that wasn’t always his name. Amon grew up having been taught to always put others first but when he stopped to think about what he wanted for himself, he realized he didn’t quite know who he was. As a result, Amon embraced a life-long dream to simply vanish. On his journey, Amon grows and learns what’s truly important to him; those irreplaceable connections to people who truly understand him. He then discovers just how far he is willing to go to protect those connections.
  • Farfate – An expansive science fiction universe from David Lloyd
    • The Farfate Expedition – After four world wars, Earth has finally got it right. There’s no war, no crime, and no disease, but something is wrong. Without the strife that caused humanity to strive for advancement, it is becoming complacent. There’s no new art, no new music, no new creative works of any kind. There are no more advances in science or in medicine. Humanity has reached a plateau. In an effort to get humanity to dream again, global president Xander Gallini organizes a mission of brave astronauts to do what has never been done; an interstellar mission of exploration.

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  • The Resistance is Dead – A refreshingly new take on zombie fiction
    • President Zombie (2017)
      • Over just a few short days, a zombie virus has killed and risen one-third of the world’s population. One of the undead is unique among the rest. His eyes glow with a green light. His consciousness is fully present, but he cannot speak. What sets him apart is a supposed cure for the virus that he took just before his death, but it did not work as promised. This man is President Adam Chambers.
    • The Outbreak (2016)
      • A third of the world’s population has been stricken by a fast-acting, mysterious virus. When victims of the virus begin to die and come back as flesh-eating zombies, it will take all of his leadership skills and problem solving for President Adam Chambers to help the United States of America survive the crisis. Meanwhile, for Patrick Mills and his friends, lifelong fans of all things zombie; it’s a dream come true. Or is it? Will suppressed guns, bicycles, and Kevlar-reinforced armor really be enough for this gang to survive the end?

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  • Through Death’s Door
    • This short story collection from author Daniel Pirlot links together the final moments of several individual characters through delicately linked short stories.

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