Once comprised of three separate worlds; Evertell, Askurii, and ViViRum, Vosteros: The Trinity of Worlds is full of heroes and villains all waiting to shape the new world according to their desires.


From the Author:

The name “Vosteros” comes from the Spanish word, “vosotros” meaning, “all of them.” The world is designed to be one in constant conflict creating powerful heroes and villains that are just as strong. The world contains all aspects of fantasy, but the focus is always on the stories of individual characters; whether that’s through the uniquely told stories in The Collision of Worlds series or traditional storytelling found in The Ballad of Bayan Stormhammer. I try to stay away from “group of unlikely heroes must join forces to defeat the big evil thing or the world will end” in my writing. Instead, I like to take plot structures typically found in other forms of fiction and transpose them into the fantasy setting I’ve created.

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