Knights of the White Jacket

All of their life, they’ve been labeled as delusional, insane, paranoid, and crazy. They don’t mind the labels. They aren’t sure the labels are even wrong. What they are sure of is that when the world refuses to acknowledge the ever-growing darkness that engulfs it more and more with each passing day, it’s time to give in and save your sanity for later. Join four heroes who must save the world from evil and still be back in time to take their meds.

From the Author:

Knights is about embracing who you are, even if the world thinks you shouldn’t. The idea of “what if the crazy people aren’t crazy” isn’t something new in the writing world. It happens all the time in comics, in movies, and in many other stories. What makes this story different is the journey the four protagonists go through and the prize at the end. The story is definitively urban fantasy with dashes of humor, paranormal, and the supernatural for good measure.